Webshop project pre-kickoff checklist

Wondering what you should have prepared before embarking on your Ecommerce journey?

Okay, so you have chosen a Shopify partner and starting your project. What should you have ready?

1. Product data

You can't sell anything without products! Make sure you have all of your product data in some kind of structure. Lecommerce top tip™: Migrating to an AirTable base is a really good option if you are cleaning up an old Excel file.

2. Images

You need product images. A lot of them. And high quality ones! You also need brand imagery to showcase what makes you different. We can help with all of this if this point gives you cold sweat.

3. Text content

Make sure you have a good content plan. The absolute minimum what you want to say on your frontpage but we recommend a good plan for collection descriptions, blog posts, guides and a lot of additional content that can help your visitors turn into customers.

4. A deadline

We looooove deadlines. Especially realistic ones! Make sure to set a launch date and make sure to also setup a plan for a phased launch so you can launch early. We can't recommend this highly enough. Not every customer needs the upsell/crossell functionality on launch day you were planning on having.