Ecommerce project pitch questions for determining the best partner

So you have a few offer presentations booked and will be getting pitched? Great! Make sure to ask the right questions of all potential partners. Here's a list to get you started.

  • Which one of your references are you most proud of? (if no references are presented, run away!)
  • How do you document decisions done during the project?
  • What project management methods would we be using with you?
  • We use [insert PIM¬†system name here], how would that be integrated?
  • How do you define the project scope? How is it documented?
  • How do you handle GDPR compliancy?
  • Once we have launched, what happens then?
  • Do you offer ongoing support? What does your support team look like?
  • Is analytics setup included in the project? Custom events and reports?
  • Who would be the main contact during the project? (If that person is not in the room when the project is pitched, ask why.)
  • How do you track the time usage for the project?
  • How is progress reported and what are the terms for incorrectly estimated features?
  • What does you quality assurance strategy look like? What is the browser support?
  • What additional Shopify plugins would you recommend for us? Which ones are your favourites?